Sink It iOS App: Press Kit

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App Name Sink It
Description Sink It is an iOS Safari web extension that makes Reddit more usable with easy to use features as well as remove nags and annoyances.
  • Declutters Reddit web
  • Add many quality of life upgrades like better comment navigation, adaptive dark mode and more
  • Free, no ads
  • Privacy conscious: no logging, analytics or telemetry
Price Free
Platform Requirements iOS 15 or greater
Platform Support iOS
  • SwiftUI (iOS App)
  • JavaScript (Web Extension)
Release Date 11th June, 2023
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Sink It for Reddit is a hyper focused Safari extension that declutters Reddit's web version and makes it usable. Tired of seeing tons of banners and buttons asking you to use the app or login? Sink It silently, and safely, removes all of them. Removes most of the "promotional" content too!

Sink It now features multiple quality of life improvements including easier comments navigation, and upvoting mechanisms.

Whether it’s a modal covering half the screen with links to the App Store, an immediate popup asking you to login, or a header screaming “the app is 10x better”; it has to go. All of it. Sink It does exactly that.